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I Love my Boyfriend

Saturday, September 10, 2016
How’s Life going on? So far so good for me, I’m so excited to share with you loves my newest project soon but as for now I like to share with you how much I love my boyfriend. 

If you're thinking that I’m going to talk about a certain person, naaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh! Sorry loves I don’t mean my human being boyfriend, what I mean is my new “boyfriend jeans”. Actually it’s my first time to own a boyfriend ripped jeans, I’d been searching for a boyfriend jeans for a million years until I found it now. It’s like a spark when I saw it displaying in a boutique. With no hesitation I bought it! 

There are so many ways how to style the boyfriend jeans but since the cold season is here I want to create an edgy and tomboy look with it, it’s my style. I decided to wear a white cotton shirt underneath and my jersey long sleeve at the top. The reason is that the weather in Thailand and Philippines is totally unpredictable, so if I cannot take the heat anymore I’ll just take out the long sleeve, and if I feel so chilly I’ll just put on the long sleeve. 

For my footwear I like to wear a black pumps or heels, this is to create an image that you’re not going to all tomboy look but still edgy and sexy and classy.  

I am currently in love with my boyfriend “jeans” it’s so cool and edgy and sexy. I think all women in any size and color can pull off the boyfriend jeans. Just know your taste, what do you think how I styled my boyfriend? Do you like it? 

White Basic Shirt from H&M TH
Jersey Long-sleeve from Platinum Bangkok
Boyfriend Jeans from a boutique
Black Pumps from

              ---Rachel Zoe

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