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Wishlist for Cold Days X Yoins

Sunday, October 15, 2017
During this cold days there’s a phrase I remember while writing this blog post, “Hi! I’m Olaf, and I like warm hugs” did you remember this famous phrase? I bet you do…. It’s from the famous Disney movie Frozen. I really need warm hugs during this days and it’s a bit annoying or weird to ask someone to hug you in random days just because you feel cold. LOL! That’s why I am so excited to share with you loves my top 5 sweater wish list for this month of Cold days and my top 5 wish list for lazy days. We all know cold days is also a reason for lazy days. Do you feel me? Do you feel cold also?

How to Look Cool in Black in the Office

Tuesday, October 10, 2017
Is my title right? LOL! I honestly don’t know what would be the title of this blog for today, but I’m really sure that I’m going to share with you loves how to wear a black outfit in the office that does not make you look like boring but COOL!. Are you getting my title now?

NIGHT TIME ROUTINE FEAT. Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush

Thursday, October 5, 2017
Hello! Hello! Hello! Lovez. It’s finally October and 2 months more to go and it’s going to be another year another life. Well, every day is a new life, but changing year in a calendar feels like a new beginning. Before we proceed with the New Year’s resolution let get started first with my Night time routine featuring the one and only Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush

Birthday Goals to a Happy Me!

Monday, September 25, 2017
As you can see in my title, obviously I’m going to talk about things related to my birthday, because it’s my birthday month. Yayyyyyyy!!! I honestly forgot sometimes how old I am, but my friends and family keep reminding me my age (good people!) LOL! But I don’t feel old, the pressure to get married and settle down. In my own perception 20s is the beginning where you need to explore life, so settle down, getting married is not in my bucket list as of now. Anyways! I want to share with you loves my goals to my next chapter in life, also to inspire you with my perception in life.

Fit Me! Maybelline Foundation Review

Friday, September 15, 2017
I’m so excited to share with you loves my personal review about this new loose powder foundation and pressed powder foundation that I just recently discover. I don’t have a crazy pores but this powder foundations makes my face pore less!!!!!. So for ladies out there who are in a hunt of magic foundation? Click the READ MORE button down there, and let’s get started.

Classic and Vintage shoe inspiration X FSJ shoes

Sunday, September 10, 2017
When it comes to retro shoes or vintage style shoes and classic style I always have one person in mind, Blaire Waldorf. Do you know Blaire Waldorf? She is a famous character in a famous TV show Gossip girl. If you love fashion, romance, controversy you should watch Gossip Girl. I’m not writing to promote Gossip Girls loves, LOL! I’m just sharing you that Vintage style nowadays is really on trend and Vintage shoes is a big part of it. So let me share with you loves some top vintage style outfits of Blaire Waldorf and her Vintage style shoes.

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